Our history

Radici Farm is a farm specialized in the cultivation, production and sale of hemp-based products.
The Farm takes root, in the truest sense of the word, in Marcianise.

The strong desire to give hemp back the value it deserves has made us a serious and reliable point of reference over the years in a constantly evolving sector. We strongly believe in the value of the well-being of every form of life. This is why we are committed to respecting high quality standards, from cultivation to production, to offer our customers 100% safe products.
Our hemp grows on totally genuine soils, enriched exclusively with fertilizers of organic, biological origin and mineral organs such as earthworm humus, bat guano, marine algae of the genus Ascophyllum nodosum and filtered beet molasses.

The entire Radici Farm production chain, from cultivation to packaging, is 100% sustainable to guarantee environmental protection
Our range of CBD products comes in different dosages to offer the most suitable solution for your needs. Our commitment is not limited to the sale of products. Through personalized advice we share the values ​​of quality and efficacy of hemp with our customers to ensure a conscious and responsible experience with CBD products.

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